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Short Courses

“The purpose of the short courses is to meet the AFCE and the industries’ requirements and to equip the forensic expert with the necessary tools to conduct a proper investigation/audit. Any of these courses can be tailor-made to explicitly address a company’s needs and specifications:”. YOUR DEVELOPMENT, OUR COMMITMENT”.

RITA – Risk and Investigation Academy offers a Forensic Practitioner course in the following areas:

  1. Financial Statement Fraud Schemes.
  2. Financial Statement Analysis.
  3. Tender Fraud Schemes.
  4. Procurement Fraud Schemes.
  5. Payroll Fraud Schemes.
  6. Asset Misappropriation Schemes.
  7. Cheque and Credit Card Fraud Schemes.
  8. Investigations into Conflict of Interest.
  9. Bribery and Corruption Investigations.
  10. Interview and Negotiation Skills.
  11. Body Language Analysis.
  12. Report Writing.
  13. Sales Fraud Investigation (Commission Fraud)
  14. Money Laundering.
  15. Cyber fraud Investigations. ( Computer / digital)
  16. General Principles of Fraud Investigations. (Fraud 101)
  17. Death and Funeral Claim Investigations.
  18. Law of Evidence.
  19. How to Testify as an Expert Witness.
  20. Fingerprint Analysis.
  21. Covert Investigations (Surveillance / Counter Surveillance Operations.)
  22. Tracing of Illicit Assets and Funds.
  23. Occupational Fraud and Ethics in the Workplace.
  24. How to take an effective witness statement
  25. Effective Interviewing Techniques
  26. Basics of disciplinary actions
  27. Internal Investigations
  28. Internet Investigation        
  29. Fraud Detection and Deterrence             
  30. How to secure a crime scène     
  31. Digital Evidence
  32. Fraud 101
  33. How to investigate Conflict of Interest